YES!  Of course!  The Social Group is the favourite social organisation for couples.

The Social Group is an independent social enterprise.  Andrew and Cathy, who are the Directors of The Social Group, were both single when this started – we met through the group, got married in Las Vegas in the middle of a group holiday, and have since 2002 been a married couple.

If you are a couple, married or otherwise, we’d love to meet you and have you taking part in group events with us.

Many of the other couples in The Social Group used to be single members who have met someone and they are now couples.  We feel it would be pretty stupid if once our friends had met someone and were no longer singles, that we did not continue to allow them to take part with everyone else anymore.

We also have lots of couples who have joined as couples and who enjoy taking part in all the social events and activities we offer.

For couples who have just moved into the area, this is ideal.

For younger couples with children, it’s nice to be able to get in a baby-sitter and have an organised party to go out to.

For older couples who have recently retired and are looking for more to do and some good company to do it with, this is what you are looking for.

For couples fed up with just sitting in the house by themselves, never going out and only ever watching the telly, there has to be more to life.

The Social Group is ideal!



There’s nothing wrong with staying in.  But every night?

Wouldn’t you rather have a bit of a do to go out to?  And a nice group of people to enjoy it with?

Couples love the constant stream of parties, dances, balls, murder mystery, themed events, and weekends away, where they can dress up and party in a nice safe respectable environment, with plenty of good company to go out with.

At these bigger functions, no-one enjoys being the couple on the table for two stuck in the back corner, while everyone else has lots of friends to go out and party with!

Often we get couples join us, where one of them works shifts or is working away, perhaps in the forces, with the other able to come out with The Social Group in a non-threatening environment and feel comfortable and safe.

Other times, one of the couple likes parties and their spouse doesn’t – so we just see one of them at the parties.

Or, one of the couple likes taking part in canoeing, abseiling, falconry, archery, and quad biking, and their spouse doesn’t – so we just see one of them at the outdoor activities.

There’s no need to feel stuck at home all the time!

Many couples especially enjoy taking part in Social Group Holidays at group discount prices.

On the holidays, organisers Andrew and Cathy often go along as international tour guides to look after the social side of things.  We do organise optional group excursions during the day for those who want this.  But mostly, couples enjoy doing their own thing during the day, then meeting up for drinks and dinner in the evening – as everyone enjoys having some good company on holiday!

Expand your horizons – and make the most of your life!



Of course, the ethos of The Social Group was always to include everyone – both singles and couples – so that anyone who joined us would feel comfortable taking part and able to go out and socialise as part of the larger ‘group of friends’.

If  you are single when you join The Social Group, then meet a partner at a later stage, (whether it is through The Social Group or some other way), there’s no reason to stop coming out with The Social Group.  You can still participate and join in with the other friends you may have made through The Social Group.

If your partner is not a member, guests are welcome at many events or your partner can join as a member too, of course.  Ask about our special discounted rates for partners / couples!

Social Group events are suitable for both couples and singles, whether it is joining the group for dinner at a nice restaurant or country pub, dressing up for a dinner dance, or taking part in the fun outdoor activities on offer.

There are lots of opportunities for couples to enjoy events and widen your social circle.

The Social Group is ideal for couples!



Besides organised Social Group events, we offer additional services which are often popular with couples.

In today’s busy world, professional help organising a special birthday or anniversary party can make all the difference.  Just let us know what you want, we’ll find the best venue, and put it all in place.

Bespoke holidays can also be arranged, just for you.  Our expert team can find you a great holiday, negotiate a great price, and help you get the most out of your travels.  This can be especially useful for anyone who has not travelled abroad before, or anyone who is too busy to do the necessary research.  We can put our expertise to work just for you!

We can also arrange specific romantic weekends away for two, for anyone who wants some help with this, including finding the best venue, getting a great deal, making all the arrangements, and sorting out all the extras to make a proposal or an anniversary special, such as flowers, chocolates, concert tickets, theatre seats, or champagne.  Whether golfing breaks or helicopter flights, just tell us what you want!

We know all the best places and all the right people to make it happen, just for you!