Inventors of Social Networking



Because of their role in inventing and developing “social networking” and their high profile online, it’s often said that Andrew Haglington and Cathy Haglington are “social media celebrities”.

The couple, who met through the group in 1999, got married in the middle of a Social Group Holiday in Las Vegas in 2002, and currently live in South West England. They set up Social Group Enterprises Ltd. to run The Social Group on a professional basis in 2003, which in between helping countless thousands of people to make friends and enjoy a better social life, has also helped raise money for numerous charities and good causes.

The early Social Group web sites set up by Andrew Haglington and Cathy Haglington have been archived by The British Library in London as being of national importance.

Andrew Haglington & Cathy Haglington research, plan out, and host a huge programme of social events, with no-one in Britain having hosted as many dinners in as many restaurants, country pubs, and hotels as they have. While acting as international tour guides on Social Group Holidays, taking tour groups all around the world, frequently off the beaten track, as well as representing the UK at civic receptions abroad in recognition of their efforts in promoting international links, co-operation, and friendship.

Andrew Haglington & Cathy Haglington have met and been photographed with many famous people, as featured across their extensive network of entertaining social media pages and Social Group web sites, and in the numerous issues of Social Group Magazine they write and publish every year.

Andrew Haglington & Cathy Haglington are often listed amongst the top ten “social media influencers” and Andrew Haglington has been dubbed by the press as “The Man Who Invented Social Networking”, the title of the book Andrew is currently working on in between his busy life running The Social Group.



Andrew Haglington B.A.
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